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Flat Brush Tapping Technique for Puppy Art

Our Orange Band (1st & 2nd Grade) artists learned to use a flat paint brush the correct way. Ms. L’amour and artists discussed the meaning of texture and creating texture. They used the tapping technique to create their beautiful creations that you can see in the photos attached.

They painted puppies by using the tapping technique to make the puppies’ fur, giving it a somewhat curly and not straight effect. The students first outlined the shape of a puppy with their pencil to get placements of their puppy.

By using white tempera paint with a flat bristle brush, the students made small brush marks to give a texture of furry puppy hair. They then added black paint to create the features of the puppy and mixed primary colored tempera paint to make colors of their choice for collars, hair bows etc. Our young artists showed their creativity as displayed in their artwork.

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