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What is your relationship to plastic?

The green band participated in a hands-on science lab provided by Algalita, a local non-profit organization with the mission of creating a plastic pollution-free future. Our students were asked to consider designing solutions to the problem of plastic pollution as well as ways to create awareness. They were also asked to define their relationships with plastic and then redefine them by redesigning the plastic items we use, reducing, reusing and recycling. Some ideas were to sort through trash at lunch, create art out of trash that conveys a message, or start a campaign to use reusable water bottles.

Finally, students were given sand samples from Long Beach along with magnifiers and tweezers, and they worked in teams to sort through the samples to determine how much plastic pollution they contained, which they recorded on a worksheet.

This was a fantastic experience for our kids to become role models, inspire change and take action. Tomorrow we will go to Doheny State Beach to clean-up and remove as much plastic as possible. Thank you, Algalita. We learned a lot about our watershed, rack lines, resin pellets (nerdles), the history and manufacturing of plastic, environmental sustainability and responsibility.

We can all help with something as simple as a plastic straw. Please join us in taking "One Less Straw" challenge: