Instrumental Music Guide

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For 3 to 4 days each week, our bright stars will be trained on the instrument of their choosing, while receiving an in-depth and unique educational experience within the world of music theory, the science behind the sound.

Getting Started
1. Choose an Instrument
2. Rent or Purchase Instrument
3. Purchase Book and Supplies
  • Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Tenor Saxophone

  • Trumpet

  • French Horn

  • Trombone

  • Baritone

  • Tuba

  • Electric Guitar*

  • ​Electric Bass

  • Drums**

*Acoustic Guitar is absolutely fine for the class time. Guitar players are welcome to learn on acoustic.

**Ownership of a drum-set is not required.  Drum-sets should not be brought to school.  See "Supply List" for necessary drum equipment.

​Families can rent or purchase the instruments, and purchase the books and all supplies from any location or on-line store.

For the closest and most convenient location, try our official music store sponsor: 

Tim's OC Music 

Tim's has set up a very easy and convenient rental/purchase process for all OCASA families.  As our official store sponsor, for every instrument rented at Tim's, a donation is being made to the OCASA-Arts.


Important Note:

Drums, Guitar and Bass are typically for purchase only, at most must stores, including Tim's OC Music. 

All students will need the "Essential Elements 2,000 Book 1" with the name and picture of their chosen instrument, shown on the cover.


Important Note:
Guitar players need to purchase the flute book.
Bass players need to purchase the trombone book.

All instruments will require some extra supplies that will need replenishing a few times throughout the school year.  

Click below for the supply list.

Tim's OC Music for all Instruments, Books, and Supplies
Instrument Loan Program

OCASA offers an instrument loan program to all families in need of assistance.
​Click below for more information.