Guest Artists

Apra Bhandari - Bollywood Dancer and creator of Adda Dance Academy

Dennis Rodriguez - LA Firefighter and Local Saxophonist and Singer

Aaron Stechauner - Touring Drummer, sponsored by Tama drums and Vic Firth sticks

Zack Thomas - Musical Theater, San Clemente High  School, Sr.

Michael Charleston - Local Drummer, Author of "Foundational Drumming"

Peter Melton - Local Guitarist, National Sales Manager for Quilter Labs

South Coast Conservatory - Dance/Musical Theater School 

David Arrollado - Local Flute/Saxophone 

Raul Guadarrama - Local Trumpet

Ken Kawamura - Local Saxophone

Robert Felix - Local Bass

Don Nguyen - Local Guitarist

(Above) Zack Thomas performs "Grow For Me", from Little Shop of Horrors.

(Left) Drummer and Author, Michael Charleston

Some of our guests from 2017-2018 school year...


 Apra Bhandari

Firefighter and Musician

Dennis Rodriguez