Welcome to OCASA

Orange County Academy of Sciences and Arts (OCASA) students learn by doing. They are encouraged to ask questions, take risks, make discoveries, observe patterns, exhibit creativity, and reflect on their own work. OCASA offers two unique and innovative campuses designed to help your K-9 student launch their bright future.


OCASA Charter School is a tuition-free, public K-8 charter school specializing in individual learning and small group instruction. With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, our students apply real-world experiences to understand new concepts and gain knowledge. According to the California State Dashboard, OCASA students attained tremendous growth in 2018 with a 29.7 point increase in Math and an 18.5 point increase in English Language Arts. Our campus features multiple hands-on labs, including a Science Lab, Maker Lab, Audio/Visual Lab with Music, Arts Lab, Resource Lab, and a Practical Life Studio, which encourage exploration and experimentation under the guidance of OCASA's credentialed teachers and experienced staff. 


OCASA College Prep will meet the evolving needs of students in South Orange County and ensure that every child in attendance receives a rich, individualized, rigorous and joyful education that will prepare him or her to thrive. OCASA College Prep, currently enrolling Grades 6-9, will be the only classroom based, tuition-free public charter high school in South Orange County. The school’s curriculum places an emphasis on the academic, social and physical development of young adults in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. OCASA College Prep was approved by Capistrano Unified School District in September 2019, in a unanimous 7-0 decision, and will host 6th – 12th graders once fully enrolled.

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  • STEAM Focused

  • Low Homework & Testing

  • Credentialed Teachers

  • Small Group Instruction

  • Chromebooks for Every Student

  • Individualized Learning Plans

  • Inquiry Arc Projects

  • Hands-on Learning Labs

  • After-School Program (K-8)

  • Mixed Age Classrooms

  • Performing Arts

  • Field Trips & Guest Speakers