Arts Quest

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Arts Quest is OCASA's unique, integrated arts curriculum which guides every one of our incredibly talented students through the ever expanding universe of the arts.    


Three to four times each week, all OCASA K-5 students will join our Arts Teacher and special guests on a rich voyage through the "Parts of the Arts".  Designed at OCASA to ensure all students have a constant and in-depth arts education flowing through every subject with built in time each week to receive performing,culinary, and visual arts classes, the Arts Quest gives students the opportunity to explore the many facets and genres within the galaxies of the creative arts.

K-1 Arts Quest: "Launching Off!"

2-3 Arts Quest: "Galactic Voyage"

4-5 Arts Quest: "Into the Deep"

Singing, Dancing, Playing Instruments, Drawing, Painting, Acting, Designing, Creating, Performing, Culinary Discoveries...


OCASA's Arts Quest is a voyage like no other.